Maternal Mental Health Leadership Alliance (MMHLA) is a nonpartisan 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the mental health of childbearing women in the United States by advocating for universal education, screening, referral, and treatment of postpartum depression and related maternal mental health (MMH) conditions.

Our Vision

Our vision is that all childbearing women in the United States will be educated about and screened for maternal mental health (MMH) conditions and have access to resources for recovery.

Specific goals of the MMHLA are to:

  • Identify issues affecting maternal mental health nationally

  • Convene national-level stakeholders to align priorities and address maternal mental health (MMH) conditions with a comprehensive, coordinated approach

  • Formulate national policy recommendations

  • Identify and share successful evidence-based initiatives, policies, and programs

  • Assist stakeholders at the state and national level with policy and advocacy initiatives

Raising awareness.  Building consensus.  Sharing best practices.