In December 2020, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services announced a new plan and partnership to address maternal mortality. The plan includes a bold goal of reducing the U.S. maternal mortality rate by 50% by 2025. Key HHS offices involved include the Surgeon General’s office and the Office On Women’s Health.  Watch the webinar HERE.

HHS Action Plan

Acknowledges the factors contributing to the high US maternal mortality rate and provides an action plan to address risk factors before and during pregnancy, improve the quality of and access to maternity and postpartum care, and support research to fill gaps in current evidence.

Action Plan – PDF

Call to Action

Provides a call to action by the U.S. Surgeon General with guidance on improving maternal health at all levels: women and families; states, tribes, and local communities; health-care professionals and systems; employers, payors, researchers, and innovators.

Action Plan – PDF

New Web Page

Provides a new Maternal Health section on to highlight the HHS Action Plan, the Surgeon General’s Call to Action, and two OWH competitions to address maternal health disparities.

Maternal Health