MMHLA is the only organization focused exclusively on national policy around maternal mental health care,
with a specific focus on federal policy and health equity.


Since the early 2000s, awareness about maternal mental health issues has grown exponentially:

  • Hundreds of articles and stories about maternal mental health have been featured in print and digital media and on radio and television.
  • Scores of books and academic articles about maternal mental health have been published.
  • Two documentary movies, a full-length feature film, and several television series have addressed maternal mental health challenges.
  • Individuals in the public eye – celebrities, athletes, actresses. politicians – have spoken publicly and shared their stories on social media.
  • Families affected by maternal mental health challenges have launched non-profit organizations, websites, fundraisers, and awareness events.

As a Result…

  • The federal government has passed laws and provided funding to improve maternal mental health.
  • The United States Preventive Services Task Force and other national medical professional organizations have issued screening recommendations.
  • Studies have been published detailing the economic cost of untreated maternal mental health conditions.
  • Performance measures are being implemented to address maternal mental health.
  • State governments have passed laws, created task forces, and launched public awareness campaigns.
  • Several learning communities and collaboratives have been established to share best practices, offer networking, and provide professional development.

MMHLA Advocacy

Since its inception in 2019, MMHLA has focused on advocating for policy change to improve maternal mental health care in the United States. MMHLA’s advocacy and policy agenda is aimed at ensuring universal and equitable education, prevention, screening, and treatment for maternal mental health conditions.

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Federal Policy

The federal government has taken several steps to address maternal mental health including providing funding for grants to states and a dedicated maternal mental health hotline.

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State Resources and Policy

Many states are working to improve maternal mental health care through task forces and coalitions, screening and education mandates, and public awareness campaigns.

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