MMHLA convenes and works with national and state organizations to align priorities and
to address maternal mental health (MMH) care with a coordinated, comprehensive approach.

Leading Collaboration

MMHLA brings together individuals and organizations from the fields of maternal-child health, birth and postpartum professionals, infant and early childhood development, and mental health to address MMH conditions in a coordinated, comprehensive approach. MMHLA reaches across government, private, and nonprofit sectors.

MMHLA works side-by-side with sister organizations Postpartum Support International and 2020 Mom to coordinate national policy advocacy and awareness for MMH conditions.  MMHLA participates in several national-level efforts to address MMH care, including Mind The Gap, Mental Health Liaison Group, and Lifeline For Moms.

MMHLA has partnered with the March of Dimes to host several national advocacy events, including

Round Table Discussion

In May 2019, MMHLA hosted a Roundtable Discussion bringing together individuals and organizations to discuss current efforts to address MMH conditions, identify commonalities and overlaps, and create a roadmap for moving forward with a coordinated, comprehensive approach.  Participants in the Roundtable Discussion included maternal-child healthcare providers, mental health providers, and birth and postpartum professionals from the government, nonprofit, and private sectors.  Read the findings HERE.