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RFA-MH-21-240 or RFA-MH-21-241


The National Institutes of Health NIH recently announced two funding opportunities for applications to refine and examine preliminary effectiveness of perinatal depression preventive interventions in settings where women receive perinatal care.

Hybrid effectiveness-intervention trials are needed to better understand how these and other research-supported interventions may be implemented at scale in diverse health care and community settings by local providers who are trained to deliver interventions with fidelity.

The research scope of the funding opportunities includes:

  • Refining and pilot testing strategies for identifying women at risk for perinatal depression
  • Developing and testing tools for selecting those most likely to benefit from preventive interventions
  • Refining and testing service-ready efficacious preventive interventions that are of appropriate intensity/dose and are scalable, such that they can be delivered with fidelity by setting providers
  • Optimizing and testing strategies that can be used to train providers and to support delivery of evidence-based approaches with fidelity across diverse health care and community settings