MMHLA took the lead in gathering 40 like-minded organizations to ask Congress to support maternal metnal health during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Read the letter to House Appropriations leadership HERE.

The current pandemic has created significant stress and anxiety for pregnant women and new mothers, who worry that they, their fetus, or their newborn may be affected with COVID-19; that they might not be accompanied by a support person during labor and delivery; and that they might be separated from their infant following birth.

It has always been difficult for childbearing women experiencing anxiety or depression to access appropriate mental health care.  However, the current situation – with an increase in the range and intensity of mental health issues new and pregnant women face coupled with the increased pressure on the healthcare system — has made it even more challenging to access appropriate mental services.

MMHLA and other organizations encouraged Congress to provide additional funding for states to create programs to address maternal mental health to ensure that mothers, and their babies, have access to care they need to thrive during this challenging time.

Read the full letter – PDF