Anger is an often-overlooked mood disorder symptom in women who have recently given birth.

By Caroline Bologna – Huffington Post 5/25/21

May is Maternal Mental Health Month, so HuffPost Parenting and Wellness are shining a light on postpartum well-being. From how new moms handle those early days as parents while struggling with their own mental health to how to be there for friends and family, we’ve created a space for moms and their loved ones to feel seen and heard in those first trying months of parenthood. See the full series here.

After Jamie Zahlaway Belsito welcomed her second child, she didn’t experience the deep sadness or anxiety many new mothers feel. Instead, she often found herself seething with rage.

“I was incredibly angry with my spouse,” Belsito, policy director at the Maternal Mental Health Leadership Alliance, told HuffPost. “I needed to be there for my 3-year-old, for my baby and my husband, who was working and traveling full-time.”

“I had to suck it up, and I was falling apart at the seams,” she said. “I could not control my anger. I threw the toys that were all over the floor when it was time to clean up. I slammed the dishes that were piling up in the sink.”

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