Building Partnerships

MMHLA convenes and works with a wide variety of organizations to align priorities and address maternal mental health care with a coordinated, comprehensive approach.  MMHLA helps lead the MMH field by

  • Creating and leading strategic partnerships to promote systemic policy change with a focus on national policy and health equity.
  • Assisting partners at the state and national level with policy and advocacy initiatives that are inclusive and advance health equity.
Advocating For Change

MMHLA is the only organization focused exclusively on national policy around maternal mental health (MMH) care, with a specific focus on federal policy and health equity. MMHLA focuses on advocacy and policy solutions by

  • Identifying issues and working across sectors to formulate solutions, align priorities, and address inequities.
  • Working with policymakers to create and improve programs that advance health equity and address maternal mental health.
Curating Information

MMHLA serves as a resource for the field of maternal mental health care, providing information about national and state activities along with timely updates and calls to action. MMHLA curates and shares information by:

  • Providing a “clearinghouse” of information about organizations, programs, and policies addressing maternal mental health.
  • Sharing information and news through fact sheets, newsletters, calls to action, and other timely updates.